2011 Narrative Travel Writing Contest

first_img Reddit Climate Tracker Writing Competition on March 27, 2011 at 7:30 pm He trugged through the moutains. Nobody but him knew how hard this sun was being on him. Nthing but sagebrush was before him. If he really wanted to turn back he would have but he kept walking. Sometimes you would hear him groan, but he never stopped for too long knowing they were following him. ON the horizon he saw a slim figure. Had he finnally truigged long enough to find her. The figure fell to the floor as he took another step. He ran forth. He touched her face and sobbed. The dessert could not hold two lives, but why did the spirits take her? He kept walking and walkig… his exploartion would never end. Great, Zelda, but you should have addressed these words and at least 880 more to the organizers of the contest by January 5th. Best, Kristina, Mladiinfo By Zelda says: Share 0 LinkedIn 0 PhD Scholarship on Korean Horror Cinema, UK → 2 thoughts on “2011 Narrative Travel Writing Contest” ← Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Residency Program, USA Cafébabel Invites You to Take Part in “EU too” Project! Tweet By mladiinfo says: Pocket Deadline: 5 January 2011Open to: Professionals, freelancers, and aspiring travel writers from any location around the globePrize: 1 – $500(USD), 2 – $150(USD), and 3 –  $100(USD)Professionals, freelancers, and aspiring travel writers are invited to write articles which describe how traveling in a slower manner and adapting to the space and time of natives has deepened your experience of both the people and the destination. One of the results of a slower form of travel is the experience of “epiphanies” which change one’s perceptions of the world, of others, and of oneself. We urge you to translate one of those moments or series of moments into a narrative, which will convey this view to many who still tend to see travel as a way to “do” as many countries, cities, and continents in the world as possible—as if travel was some form of competition or consumption.Rather, Transitions Abroad has always believed that more experienced travelers and travel writers seek to engage more deeply in a destination by staying for a longer period of time and thereby immerse themselves in the culture and homes they are fortunate enough to visit. Learning to ask questions, share stories sad and humorous, cook, trek, learn a craft, work, volunteer, and participate in other daily activities or rituals is one way to deepen the travel experience and transform it into a two-way street in the process. The Slow Food movement born in Italy and its offshoots are one such manifestation of the urge now felt by many more travelers to participate in the daily lives of the host community and not as consumers of their culture and land.We are not looking for destination pieces which describe in flowery “amazing” terms your experience, nor are we looking for travelogues or blog-like posts which are too overly personal and self-involved to necessarily resonate with others on their own paths of discovery. We are looking for inspirational pieces which will lead others to experience the sense of engagement as a global citizen.Eligibility*   Submit an original and previously unpublished essay from 1,000 to 5,000 words. Supporting photos in .jpg or .gif format are welcome to illustrate the experience and are considered part of the essay submission.* To enter the Contest, attach your essay in Word format or copy and paste it into an e-mail. Please include your the essay title, full name, complete postal address and phone number in both the email and Word document and add a brief bio if you so choose. Please type “Narrative Travel Writing Essay Entry” in the subject description of the e-mail and send the e-mail to [email protected]* Accompanying photos which enhance the narrative are highly preferred. Photojournalistic essays or accompanying videos will also be considered, and humor is appreciated where appropriate* Editors of TransitionsAbroad.com will judge entries based upon the following criteria:o Sensitivity to the people and culture being describedo Ability to engage the readero Literary quality* Winners will be notified by phone, mail, or e-mail by January 15, 2011 for publication by February 28, 2011 due to the time required for all writers spanning the globe to send in Agreements and payment to be cashed.Prizes1st place – $500(USD)2nd place – $150(USD)3rd place – $100(USD)Any other articles selected as runner-ups will receive a $50 payment.The deadline for submissions of essays is 5th January 2011.Official Webpage Similar Stories Call for Young Journalists for the Broad Online Leave a Reply Cancel ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment. on March 27, 2011 at 9:10 pm +1 2011 Narrative Travel Writing Contest Log in to Reply October 15, 2010 Published by Site Default Log in to Reply last_img read more